Consortium mapThe REvivED water consortium consists of 10 partners from six different European countries, coordinated by FUJIFILM Manufacturing Europe BV. This consortium is industry driven and covers the whole knowledge spectrum required for the success of the REvivED water project with experts on electrodialysis (ED) / Reverse electrodialysis (RED) technology, desalination and purification technology, contaminant removal, off-grid applications in developing countries, knowledge transfer and dissemination. 

To know more about each REvivED water partner, click on the partners' list on the map below.

BALTIC SEAMEDITERRANEANBLACK SEANORTH SEAATLANTICARCTIC1FUJIFILM Manufacturing Europe (the Netherlands) 122Trunz Water Systems (Switzerland)33REDstack (the Netherlands)44Deukum GmbH (Germany)5Phaesun GmbH (Germany)56European Desalination Society (Italy)677University of Parlermo (Italy)88Ghent University (Belgium)99European Centre of Excellence for SustainableWater Technology (the Netherlands)1010AquaTT UETP CLG (Ireland)