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6th IWA Regional Membrane Technology Conference ,
Gujarat State, India

10 - 12 Dec 2018

Over the last few decades, sustainable development has been the motive for advanced technologies. Membrane based technology for water treatment and waste-water treatment have been gaining importance. The recent 'World Water Report 2017' mentions that over 80% of the water is left untreated and released to the water bodies thus polluting them. In this connection, membrane based technologies assume significance due to the large volumes of water that can be treated effectively.


13th Gulf water Conference ,

12 - 14 Mar 2019

Despite the extreme scarcity of water resources in the region, the GCC countries have done well in providing water for their ever-increasing population and rapidly expanding economic base and activities. However, the GCC countries are faced with major challenges manifested by increasing financial, economic and environmental costs associated with providing water supplies.