Decentralised systems for water supply in developing countries

February 2019 update

Geb 1 b
Figure 1. Generation 1.b for operation in Ethiopia, just before shipment.

The development of brackish water desalination system based on capacitive electrodialysis and their testing in developing countries is progressing well. 

Following the first system that was installed in Somaliland in 2018, two more systems are now ready for installation. One system with improved design (Feed & Bleed) has been constructed and fully tested in Europe. It is now shipped to Tanzania, where it will operate powered by solar energy.

A third system has been also developed. This includes the option to operate under two different modes: Single Pass similar to the system installed in Somaliland and Feed&Bleed, similar to the system to be installed in Tanzania. This system is also fully tested and is now being prepared for shipment to Ethiopia. It has been equipped with advanced monitoring systems, which will allow a full evaluation and an objective comparison of the two different configurations. The collected data will be used as input for the overall evaluation , leading to future improved designs.