Integration of Electrodialysis with Reverse Osmosis for Seawater Desalination

April 2019 update 

Pilot Plant Interior
Figure 1. Interior of the pilot plant

The main objective of this part of the project is to develop a concept for seawater desalination through a combination of Electrodialysis (ED) and Reverse Osmosis (RO).

Project partners have designed a pilot plant capable of producing 25 m3 of drinking water per day. In this design, the ED system pre-desalinates the seawater, feeding the reduced salinity water into the RO system, allowing it to be used more efficiently. The hybrid configuration has the potential to reduce the overall energy demand compared to each technology operating separately.

The pilot plant, constructed and tested by Trunz Water Systems AG, will now be trialled in Burriana, Spain, in the Province of Castellon. The ED-RO pilot plant will be operated by FACSA, a Spanish private company that specialises in water cycle management.

The on-site installation is currently under way, and the system will begin operations in May 2019.