Multi-stage ElectroDialysis (ED) - Seawater desalination

January 2019 update 

Figure 1. REDstack’s research installation at the Afsluitdijk,the Netherlands,
location of the multistage ED pilot

The aim of this part of the REvivED water project is to develop, test and operate a multistage Electro Dialysis (ED) seawater desalinisation pilot system located at the Afsluitdijk, the Netherlands (Fig.1). This system is expected to lower energy requirements and supply drinking water at the field test site. The successful operation of the multi-stage ED pilot plant will demonstrate this technology as an alternative to Reverse Osmosis (RO) for seawater desalination.

In the past few months, the pre-pilot multistage ED configuration with mid-sizes stacks has been tested. When all these tests are completed, the results will be used to develop and design the final multistage ED pilot, aiming for the pilot plant to be operational by Q2 2019.