REvivED Partner Meeting Sees Successful Pilot Plant Demonstration

June 2019 Update 

REvivED Partners in Benicassim, Spain
Figure 1. REvivED water project partners in Benicassim, Spain

The ten project partners who make up the pioneering REvivED water project have met in Spain for an upbeat update on progress and to see history in the making.

As the project reaches the end of its third year, corporate and academic partners from across Europe met in Burriana – a small coastal town in the Castellon region in north-eastern Spain – which is the location of the REvivED water project’s pilot plant.

After presentations from the project partners, which concluded that REvivED water is making “great progress, on time and on budget”, the team travelled to the pilot plant to see their latest major milestone in action.

After many months developing, testing and modelling ideas, it was all smiles when the project team saw the pilot plant successfully in operation.

This new approach to seawater desalination is a world first - based on the combination of electrodialysis (ED), reverse electrodialysis (RED) and reverse osmosis (RO) technology to produce safe, clean drinking water from seawater in a more energy efficient and affordable way.

The REvivED water pilot is co-located with the Burriana wastewater treatment plant. The treated water is used in a reverse electrodialysis system, drawing salt out of the seawatwer. This way the seawater is pre-desalinated, while electricity is generated. The pilot plant is currently producing 25,000 litres of high quality drinking water per day from seawater that comes from the Mediterranean, one hundred metres away.