REvivED water on display at Aquatech Amsterdam!

REvivED water partners at the Desalination Pavilion

From November 5th to the 8th, 2019 the REvivED water project was prominently featured at the Desalination Pavilion within the main exhibition hall of Aquatech Amsterdam. This flagship event in the water resources community calendar drew over 25,000 members of the science, industry, public and policy-making communities. At the Desalination Pavilion, these attendees were presented with the background, goals and latest outputs of REvivED water through two posters, a newly-published factsheet and partner members who were on hand to discuss the project and answer questions. The project held its M42 general assembly meeting Monday-Tuesday (4-5 November) on location, so the majority of project members were able to attend the trade show and network with fellow researchers and private and public stakeholders.

The highlight of the display was a functioning demonstration unit with a tank of saltwater for on-site conversion into freshwater. This unit was a fourth generation unit, the latest version of the small-scale systems REvivED water is currently operating in rural parts of Somaliland, Tanzania, Djibouti and India. The hinged sides allowed the demonstrators to reveal the insides of the system and explain the novel components while also describing how the units have been applied in the pilot locations.

On Wednesday the 6th, REvivED water partner the European Desalination Society hosted a Desalination Session at the Aquastage, which started off with three presentations on REvivED water. Project Coordinator Michael Papapetrou (Fuji Film) opened with an overview of the project's accomplishments to date and goals for the near future. Hans-Jürgen Rapp (DEUKUM) described the development of the small-scale units and their deployment. Mariagiorgia La Cerva (University of Palermo) concluded the REvivED water section by describing the progression of the hybrid RED-RO pilot system operating in Spain. These presentations were attended by about 50 people, with more stopping to listen as they walked by.

Michael Papapetrou presents the REvivED water project at the Aquastage

REvivED water project coordinator Michael Papapetrou presents an overview of the project to audience members during the Desalination Session on the Aquastage at Aquatech Amsterdam 2019.

Overall, the Aquatech Amsterdam event was a significant moment for REvivED water to promote its activities, share its successes and network with potential future stakeholders!