REvivED water at EuroMED 2017

The REvivED water project had an important presence at the EuroMED 2017 conference in Tel Aviv (9 - 12 May 2017). The conference was organised by the project partner EDS and the following results were presented regarding the REvivED water activities:

  • Poster 102: Brackish water off-grid desalination systems for developing countries, E. Toet, E. van der Burg, N. Tiggelman, H.-J. Rapp, D. Gutzeit, M. Vanoppen, L. Gutierrez, A. Verliefde (The Netherlands), L. Gurreri, A. Campione, A. Cipollina (Italy)
  • Poster 28: Reverse electrodialysis - reverse osmosis hybrid for seawater desalination using secondary treated wastewater effluent: optimal pre-treatment strategy, M. Vanoppen, T. Van Vooren, M. Nowak, N. Tiggelman, A. Verliefde (The Netherlands)
  • Oral presentation 90: Hierarchical modelling of electrodialysis desalination process, Antonino Campione, Luigi Gurreri, Alessandro Tamburini, Andrea Cipollina, Giorgio Micale, I.D.L. Bogle (Italy)

The "Desalination for Clean Water and Energy Cooperation around the World" Conference is the eighth conference in the EuroMed series and the tenth in the Mediterranean region.

The full programme of the conference can be found here.