REvivED water at Euromembrane 2018

The REvivED water project updated the membrane community about our latest achievements at the Euromembrane 2018 conference, that was organised in Valencia from the 9th until the 13th of July 2018. The following presentations were delivered:

  • Electrodialysis with capacitive electrodes (CED): hierarchical process modelling for water desalination (A. Campione, UNIPA, Oral Presentation)
  • Experiments and modelling for determining the Limiting Current Density in Electrodialysis units    (Mariagiorgia La Cerva, UNIPA, Oral Presentation)
  • Mechanical-fluid dynamics coupled model for profiled Ion Exchange Membranes design (G. Battaglia , UNIPA, Poster)
  • Impact of fouling on the nanomechanical properties of ion exchange membranes Leo Gutierrez, UGENT, poster)

The full details of the conference programme and the abstracts can be found here.