REvivED water at IMSTEC 2016

The REvivED water partner Ghent University represented REvivED water at the 9th International Membrane Science and Technology Conference (IMSTEC), which was held on 5-8 December 2016 in South Australia..

The oral presentation of the REvivED project had the title: "A new mode of reverse electrodialysis operation to reduce seawater RO energy demand".

IMSTEC covers all areas of inorganic membranes, polymeric membranes, membrane science, membrane fabrication and modification, and membrane applications in a broad variety of areas such as filtration, distillation, desalination and biological separations. Included will be engineering and technologies from the latest innovations in synthesis, characterisation, processing and modeling to the advanced applications of membranes in health, energy and sustainability as well as future materials and devices.

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