REvivED water represented at MDIW 2017 Conference

The REvivED water project had its own session at the "Membranes in the Production of Drinking and Industrial Water" (MDIW) Conference. MDIW2017 was was held on 6-8 February 2017 in Leeuwarden (the Netherlands). Here is provided a list of all presentations that covered the REvivED water project results within the dedicated project session:

  • Low energy seawater desalination using multi-stage electrodialysis, G. Doornbusch, M. Tedesco, J. Post, K. Nijmeijer
  • Understanding diffusion of organic compounds in ion exchange membranes, M. Nowak, M. Vanoppen, J. Post, A. Verliefde
  • CFD simulation of electrodialysis channels equipped with profiled membranes, M. La Cerva, L. Gurreri, A. Cipollina, A. Tamburini, M. Ciofalo, G. Micale
  • Modelling of electrodialysis units by a multi-scale process simulator, A. Campione, L. Gurreri, A. Cipollina, A. Tamburini, D. Bogle, G. Micale

The objective of the conference was to give an overview of the most recent developments in membrane technology. This three day event brought together research scientists, engineers, managers and operators from water supply and wastewater treatment companies, industries, government departments, consulting firms, research institutes and universities. 

Conference programme