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    The factsheets below are presented in reverse chronological order, with the latest at the top. To view and download a REvivED water factsheet, click on the image (please note the first two images are the front and reverse of the same factsheet). The first factsheet was published November 2017, the second was published March 2018 and the third was published in October 2019. The factsheets are designed for a double-sided print out on A4 paper. Best quality gives colour copy on at least 160 gsm paper (200 gsm is ideal). 

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    Factsheet #2 (March 2018)Factsheet 1 (November 2017)


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    REvivED water poster displayed at AquaTech Amsterdam 2019


    To view and download a REvivED water poster, click on an image above. The top poster will be displayed at AquaTech Amsterdam 2019, and is designed for a 800mm X 2000mm display panel. The second, older poster is designed for a one-sided print out on A0 paper.



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