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    To view and download the REvivED water factsheet, click on the image above. The factsheet is designed for a double-sided print out on A4 paper. Best quality gives colour copy on at least 160 gsm paper (200 gsm is ideal).

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    To view and download the REvivED water poster, click on the image above. The poster is designed for a one-sided print out on A0 paper.



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    • M. La Cerva, L. Gurreri, M. Tedesco, A. Cipollina, M. Ciofalo, A. Tamburini, G. Micale, Determination of limiting current density and current efficiency in Electrodialysis units, Desalination, 445 (2018) 138–148  


    • Campione, L. Gurreri, M. Ciofalo, G. Micale, A. Tamburini, A. Cipollina, Electrodialysis for water desalination: a critical assessment of recent developments on process fundamentals, models and applications, Desalination, 434 (2018) 121–160